Marijuana Deathsquads
Crazy Master


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Marijuana Deathsquads is Ryan Olson, Isaac Gale, Stefon Alexander (P.O.S.), and Ben Ivascu. The first official release from this Minneapolis-based noise collective turns experimental improvisation on its ear and contemplates a whole new level of auditory collaboration. Crazy Master brings together lunatic knob tweaks and a cacophony of drums with vocalist Isaac Gale's haunted, bestial howls merged between four long-form tracks. The album comes packaged in a gate-fold jacket screenprinted by Burlesque of North America, and comes with a download and full-color sleeve.


Featuring: Freddy Votel (Skoal Kodiak, COWS), Mark McGee (To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie), Jason Power (Slapping Purses), Albert Elmore, Jeremy Nutzman (Spyder Baybie Raw Dawg) and Chris Rose (Vampire Hands)