Living Black Spots / Taches Noires Vivantes 7”:


I cannot believe this but, I found a handful more of these. 
The record that spawned 1,000 gigs and a life-threatening, if lifelong friendship.
This is our split 7” with Guerilla Poubelle (Paris, FR). Released spring 2015 by All In Vinyl (UK), Eager Beaver Records (JP), Gilead Media (US), Guerilla Asso. (FR) and Hectic Society (DE). Red vinyl. Limited to… something. I forget. But they’re GONE after this. 
Most of this stuff was rerecorded and released on later LP's by both bands, so these are like the demo versions or something. 
Includes liner notes and a pretty solid little rat sticker.
Track List: 
1) Guerilla Poubelle - Gardien De Prison
2) Guerilla Poubelle - L’Amour Est Un Chien De L’Enfer
3) Arms Aloft - Three Altars for Rats 
4) Arms Aloft - The Voyage of the Dawndreaders