Why The Ocean Poster


Because we are not buoyant but bone to sink, as we always have in lifeboats all made in pine. Because coasts are our fingertips, our noses, our faces - our best bravery mapped out for children more brave in spaceships & rockets. Because eroded, the rains will carry us to gulfs & bays, to sloughs & swamps, committing us there like forever mortar. Because love is a net, a shipwreck, a hurricane, a captain, a tsunami, a reef, & a lighthouse. Because we are nothing more than tides breaking & echoing, close enough to rock a battleship to sleep, but never close enough to kiss. Because the beach is the last place we go to say goodnight to the day. Because of the bells of buoys. Because here, you taught me to swim with the dolphins. Because what am I but a shoal of wishes. 

Poem by Nickolas Butler. Artwork by RT Vrieze of Knorth Studios. Signed by both the author and artist!

Printed on 140# high quality, French Paper, sized at 18" x 24". Ships in a tube.

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