Phone Orphans Completist Bundle - PATREON EXCLUSIVE


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Bundle includes:
- 1 x Limited edition bespoke colored vinyl. Artwork by Laura Veirs. Features insert with lyrics, credits and original art by Laura.
- 1 x T-shirt d
esigned by Laura. Depicts Laura's interpretation of "Phone Orphans" track number 7, "Tiger Ocean Instrumental."
- 1 x Limited edition of songbook signed by Laura. Designed by Laura with chord charts, lyrics, bonus content and original artwork. 9" x 9", printed on 100% recycled chipboard and paper at Scout Books in Portland, OR. Only included in bundles.
- 1 x Signed, original watercolor and pen and ink painting by Laura Veirs. Features lyrics from "Phone Orphans" track number 1, "Creatures of a Day." On archival watercolor paper, 4.5" x 6". Only included in bundles.
- 1 x Signed polaroid of Laura and her dog at home, taken by her kids. Only included in bundles.


1. Creatures of a Day (focus track)
2. If You Could Hold Someone
3. Rocks of Time (focus track)
4. Tree Climber
5. Up Is a Nice Place to Be
6. The Archers
7. Tiger Ocean Instrumental
8. Smoke Song
9. Valentine
10. Magnolia Sphere
11. Swan Dive
12. Next One, Maybe
13. Piano Improv
14. Beautiful Dreams

***Limit 1 bundle per customer.

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