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Boundary is an 8-track EP and the debut solo release by Zach Sutton, Twin Cities-based musician and bassist of Hippo Campus.

Boundary is a thoughtful collection of songs in awe of nuance, of details, of subtleties – but with an off-kilter pop edge. Written over the course of several years and recorded in Minneapolis, the EP was produced by Jake Luppen (Hippo Campus, Lupin, Samia) and features guitar by Nathan Stocker (Hippo Campus, brotherkenzie). 

“it’s a good thing, not knowing. it's a good thing to fill the gaps with what you don’t know. to guess at what is uncertain. i think that’s what colors the subtlety of everything. the way we interpret it. but it can also cause the loosening of a thread that unravels the larger self. filling the gap with the wrong part of yourself. 

where do we find these gaps, these borders? i think they exist everywhere. between moments, between people, between words. i think we work everyday to find them and make them smaller in the hopes that we can make the leap between them more certain. but i believe this effort can be idle. i think we have to take these leaps but i don’t think we ever land on another side. i believe there is a border we cannot cross. before true understanding. to know something as it is inherently, is impossible. we can only name it and hope others know it as well. 

but how do you name the love you feel for something? how do you know that someone understands it the same as you? how can you know who you are, yourself? how do you know one moment has truly ended and a new one has truly begun?

my answer is that you can’t know. but the trying to know is the one of the most beautiful gestures humans can make. we will never name it right but attempting is all that matters. 

Boundary was written over the course of a couple years. Recorded in Minneapolis. I was assisted by people I’m lucky to call peers, let alone, friends. Produced by Jake Luppen. All the good guitar by Nathan Stocker. Artwork by Grade Solomon. Mixed By Mike Coleman, Jake Luppen, and Caleb Wright. Mastered by Huntley Miller. Album design by Miles Johnson”


Release Date: December 16 at 9:45AM ET
Record Label: Self-released
Format + Color: Vinyl


  1. All Better
  2. One Liner
  3. Phase
  4. Mississippi
  5. Hijack
  6. Cold and Holy
  7. Reach
  8. One of These Days

Artwork By: Grade Solomon
Album Design By: Miles Johnson

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