Big GRRRL Small World (LP)


Big GRRRL Small World is the second full-length album from Minneapolis-based LIZZO. Available as a Limited Edition Single, Purple LP!

All orders of Big GRRRL Small World will receive an instant grat download of "Ain't I" and "Humanize".

  1. Ain’t I  (prod by Sam Spiegel, Jake Troth, BJ Burton)
  2. Betcha (prod by BJ Burton)
  3. Ride (prod by Lazerbeak, BJ Burton)
  4. Humanize (prod by BJ Burton)
  5. Bother Me (prod by BJ Burton)
  6. B.G.S.W. (prod by Stefon "Bionik" Taylor
  7. The Fade (prod by Taskforce)
  8. 1 Deep (prod by BJ Burton)
  9. The Realest (prod by BJ Burton)
  10. En Love (prod by Stefon "Bionik" Taylor)
  11. My Skin (prod by Stefon "Bionik" Taylor)
  12. Jang a Lang (prod by Stefon "Bionik" Taylor)

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