"Refugees Welcome" Solidarity Tee


For our second attempt to do a little good, we're collaborating with comrade, artist Landon Sheely again and this time with our buddies and upcoming European tourmates (again!) Guerilla Poubelle, from France. 

This time around, all proceeds will go to the City Plaza Hotel in Athens, GR. In March of 2016, countries across eastern Europe and the Balkans shut their borders to refugees trying to make their way from places like war-torn Syria to the promise of safety and work in the EU.

One product of this was thousands and thousands of famillies left stranded in middlepoints like Greece. Middlepoints, to be sure, with economic hardship of their own. This left the process of relief and assistance, as is often the case, to ordinary folks with big hearts and big ideas. The City Plaza Hotel is one such idea. 

Having been previously long-abandoned, the City Plaza was reopened by a cooperative, occupying force of folks who now provide en suite rooms, meals and kids' activities to an ever-changing group of 400(!!!) refugees. 

In the words of one of the occupiers: "We still advocate for open borders, against border policies and for the right of free circulation for all refugees around Europe. But we are saying if now they are stuck here, they are welcome and we will help them live here with us in humane conditions, with their dignity."

As if this weren't enough, the occupiers are making strides toward taking over several other currently wasted spaces in Athens. We believe that if there's much hope in the world for working folks or the downtrodden in general, it's contained within said groups. Charity is top-down. Actions like those of the City Plaza occupiers are different. This is solidarity. This is horizontal. This is us taking care of ours, comrades. 

Printed in waterbased inks on Canvas USA-made 3001 100% cotton tees. As always by Ambient Inks in Eau Claire, WI. Represent.

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